PT. Senang IndoPratama is an authorize reseller from Lutz-JESCO which focus on PLTU (Steam Power Generator) in Indonesia. PT. Senang Indo Pratama is authorized distributor for Indonesia Regional under licensed trademark of JESCO in Wademark, Germany (Lutz-Jesco GMBH) and its Asia region in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Lutz-Jesco East Asia Sdn.Bhd).

Our company is focused on service, maintenance, building a new Water Treatment Solution and Processing Waste Water. For more than 60 years the product that we mainly use (JESCO) is well known for its experiences in developing, producing and installing components that is needed and is known all around the world.

Our company representing product with the best quality and high safety standard. Water treatment for PLTU (Steam Generator) as well as other industries need a high precision, highly depend on tools and good circulation system, monitoring and water quality.

PT Senang IndoPratama, as a provider of service and supplier of product will try to meet and give the best solution to our customer that are right for every condition.